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Lectures 2022

    The Southside Lectures have played a vital part of every summer here since 1980, save the year of the pandemic.  They have been a source of great teaching, edification, encouragement, and evangelism.  Each program somehow rises to a new level of enthusiasm and excitement for the Lord’s things and the Lord’s people.  And they give us a renewed motivation to continue our work and to not grow weary in well doing.

    Meet the 42nd lectures for 2022.  The dates are June 20-23.  While we certainly welcome visitors from other congregations and look forward to having visitors during the week, the Southside Lectures are for the Southside people.  Hopefully, you have had time to put the dates on your calendar and plan your summer around the lectures.  Some are even able to take off work or go in later to be here for the morning sessions.  We just hope that everyone will do the best they can to be here as much as possible.  When the lectures benefit each member, they benefit the church as a whole.

    The theme for the lectures is the same as our congregational focus in 2022:  “The Gospel Is For All.”  We want everyone who receives an invitation to the lectures to know that what is being planned is for them.  The gospel is for the seeker, the doubter, the skeptic, the intellectual, and the common mon man.  The gospel is for young and old alike, male and female, and for every tongue and tribe.  Anyone who attends will hear what they need because it will come from the timeless gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Tim Stevens has been invited back to lead the congregational singing during the lectures.  He and Vicki have endured several trials and setbacks since her cancer returned.  We will continue to pray for them in their battles ahead.  Tim is a worship leader.  He chooses hymns not only to help us sing praises but to prepare our minds for the preaching of the gospel.

    Wilson Adams has been a frequent participant on the lectures through the years.  His powerful preaching and applicable lessons have endeared him to our brethren.  His wife, Julie, is a credit to his work and is, herself, an encourager.  They live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where Wilson preaches for the Veterans Parkway congregation.  We look forward to having Brother Adams back and to hear his expositions of the Scriptures.

    Lawrence Kelley is no stranger to Southside.  He and Janice lived here from 1990-1992 while Lawrence was in the preacher training program. Brother Kelley is now both an evangelist and one of the elders for the Lost River church in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  He is passing on the things he learned while he was here to our own Jarrett Ferguson.  Lawrence is a meek and humble yet authoritative presenter of the word of God.  He will help us.

    Tommy Peeler is new to the lectures.  He is originally from Dixon, Tennessee but now preaches for the Avon Heights church in Avon, Indiana.  For several years, he taught Bible courses at Florida College.  He and his wife, Christi, have been in the area when Tommy was preaching for other congregations, but this will be their first time to Southside.  You will enjoy his studious yet practical approach to the Bible.

    This will also be the first lectureship for Shane Scott.  Shane is a Kentucky native and preacher for the Valrico church in Tampa, Florida. He is also an adjunct professor at Florida College in the Liberal Studies department.  Shane’s wife, Kristi, passed away from cancer in 2018.  Brother Scott has a very appealing style in the pulpit, one that will challenge our thinking and hasten our obedience to the gospel.

    It’s never too early to start praying and planning for the lectures.  We know that the gospel will be preached.  Let’s make certain that all are here to hear it.