About Us

About Us

Welcome! No matter who you are or where you are from, you’re welcome here.

We don’t have any sort of special programs to offer you: no musical productions, testimonies, or anything like that. But if you’re interested in going to heaven, if you’re interested in learning what to do to be saved, we have an important message you need to hear.

The message is not ours, but His. It’s the gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20; Romans 1:16), not some church ordinance, or religious agreement reached by a council or synod. And while we don’t want to be unkind to anyone, we’re not interested here in what men have to say about how to be saved, but what God says about it (1 Peter 4:11). We must "speak as the oracles of God" on all matters relating to salvation.

You may find our worship services rather simple. We don’t have an organ or piano. The New Testament churches practiced congregational singing in their worship services. We are determined to worship God in the same way the New Testament Christians did and there is no record of their ever having worshiped using instrumental music in the services.

Every Sunday is special to the people here. We sing, pray, study the Bible and observe the Lord’s Supper each first day of the week, all of it done with special regard for the New Testament teaching on each observance. For instance, we observe the Lord’s Supper every Lord’s Day, not just on special holidays. Every Lord’s Day is a holy day, a day sanctified by God for His people to worship and serve Him (Acts 20:7). Our offering here is part of our observance of the New Testament order of things. The offering is done by our members. We don’t solicit funds from others (1 Corinthians 16:1-2).

Furthermore, none of our collected funds are used to support human institutions. Nor are they allocated for social or entertainment venues. We are not a benevolent organization, either, although we do take care of our own. Nor are we a social organization; we don’t use funds from the church treasury to promote and provide social gatherings. We have found no authority for funding these matters using the church treasury.

The congregation here is organized according to the New Testament pattern. We have elders, deacons, evangelists, and teachers. We don’t have any kind of national headquarters to answer to. The New Testament teaches that each local congregation was locally autonomous. We answer to God and Him alone, not some man-made religious body.

Our plea is for people everywhere to hear what God’s word says about salvation, about worship and do what He says in the way He has prescribed. We make a plea for the return to New Testament Christianity. We believe that "whosoever goes onward and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ, he has not God" (2 John 9).

Welcome! Can we be of further service to you? Would you like a private Bible study? When? Contact us to setup a time right now.