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We are a group of Christians who are not ashamed to wear the name of our Lord. We are a "church of Christ" because we belong to Jesus.

Please come visit one of our services where you will be welcome and feel welcomed. See you soon!

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"Things Fitting Sound Doctrine"

Brother J.R. Bronger of Brownsburg, Indiana was just with us to preach on these fundamental and timeless subjects:

You can click on the sermon titles to hear each lesson or click here if you would also like to view his PowerPoint slides.

Coming This Summer!

Make your plans to join us for these special events later this year.

  • June 17-20
    • The Southside Lectures - "Lord, I Believe!"
    • Chuck Durham, Ben HallBuddy Payne, Bruce Reeves
    • congregational singing led by Tim Stevens
  • July 15-18
    • Vacation Bible School - "Searching the Scriptures"
    • classes for all ages

Hope to see you at Southside!


    We offer Bible classes for all ages on Sundays at 9 am and Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

    Our children's classes follow a two year curriculum that teaches the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

    Our current adult classes for the second quarter of 2024 are:


    • Auditorium: "The Early Church"


    • Auditorium: "The Cases of Conversion"
    • Classroom A: "Before Abraham Was: A Foundational Study of Genesis 1-11"

    Come and study the word of God with us!