Wilson Adams

Wilson Adams

Wilson Adams has endeared himself to the Southside congregation over the last several years.  Like his father, Connie W. Adams, and his father-in-law, Weldon Warnock, he has been a frequent participant on The Southside Lectures.

Brother Adams began preaching the gospel in 1979 and has worked with churches in Washington, D.C., Nashville, Tennessee, and the Eastside congregation in Baytown, Texas.  He currently labors with the Veterans Parkway church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where he also serves as one of the shepherds. 

Wilson and his wife, Julie, have four children (Sharon, Dale, Crystal, and Luke) and five grandchildren.  Luke is currently working in a preacher-training program with Don Truex in Temple Terrace, Florida.  With an empty nest and a heart for the fatherless, Wilson and Julie recently traveled to Bulgaria where they adopted three siblings: Lea Maria (15), Alexander (13), and Christopher (12).

Wilson’s writing is as heartfelt and passionate as his preaching.  For six years, he served as the editor of Biblical Insights.  He is the co-author of A Life Lost and Found: A Journey of Hope and Healing Through Tragedy.  To date, he has written over thirty adult Bible class workbooks in the Courageous Living series.

We are privileged to have Wilson Adams here again.  His sermons are always Biblical, practical, and motivational.  He will help us hear the Savior say, “Come unto Me.”