Wilson Adams

Wilson Adams

Wilson Adams is the son of Connie W. and Bobbie Adams.  He was born in 1957 in Bergen, Norway where his father was preaching at the time.  Wilson’s father spoke on the very first Southside Lectures in 1980, and his father-in-law, Weldon Warnock, was a frequent participant on our program through the years.

Brother Adams began preaching the gospel in 1979 and has worked with churches in Washington, D.C., Nashville, Tennessee, and the Eastside congregation in Baytown, Texas.  Until the spring of this year, Wilson served as both a shepherd and preacher with the Veterans Parkway church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  He has now returned to full-time meeting and writing work, adding to his Courageous Living Bible class series.

Wilson and his wife, Julie, have seven children (Sharon, Dale, Crystal, Luke, Lea Maria, Alexander, and Christopher) and six grandchildren.  Julie works as a Master’s Prepared Marriage and Family Counselor via Tele-Health.  Instead of retiring, they use their time to teach and help others in several ways as God gives them opportunity.

Brother Adams wrote, “It’s a thrill to be back at Southside with so many friends. Southside will always be a special place because of the special people here.”  His ability to stir the mind and touch the heart with the gospel has made him special to this congregation.

We feel privileged to have Wilson again on this year’s edition of the lectures.