Tommy Peeler

Tommy Peeler

Tommy Peeler was born and raised in Dickson, Tennessee. His parents, Sanders and Peggy Peeler, took him to the Oak Avenue church of Christ and raised him with a consciousness of God from his earliest days. He has a brother, Steve, and two sisters, Karen and Robin.

In his years as a college student in Florida, brother Peeler met and married Christi Sellers.  This union has produced three sons: Josiah, Nathan, and Isaiah. His family is a tremendous encouragement and blessing to him and his work.

Tommy has been privileged to preach and teach the Bible in many places and in many settings for over forty years.  From 2004-2020, he taught in the Department of Biblical Studies at Florida College and preached in nearby Brandon, Florida.  He currently serves as the evangelist for the Avon Heights church in Avon, Indiana.

Brother Peeler hopes in his preaching and teaching to tie the story of the Bible together for those hungering and thirsting for God’s word.  He has learned the skill of explaining the Scriptures both from an academic and practical standpoint.  His passion and enthusiasm for spreading the good news make him an appropriate choice to speak on this year’s lecture theme: “The Gospel Is For All.”

Tommy’s genuine and humble demeanor will endear him to the Southside congregation as we welcome him, for the first time, to our lecture program.