Shane Scott

Shane Scott

Shane Scott was born in Winchester, Kentucky on September 7, 1967.  He was raised by his mother, Frances Scott, and his grandparents Homer and Inez Scott.  He attended Florida College and Cincinnati Bible Seminary and is currently doing additional academic work at Faulkner University.

While in high school, Shane began preaching for various congregations in central Kentucky.  Since then, his local work has taken him to Portage, Indiana, Plant City, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee.  Since 2014, he has preached for the Valrico congregation in the Tampa Bay area.

Brother Scott was a part of the Biblical Studies faculty at Florida College for three years.  He currently serves as an adjunct faculty member in the Liberal Studies department.  Shane is a popular and beloved professor among his students not only for his attention to the text but for the easy manner in which he presents it.

For seven years, Shane was married to the late Kristi Bennett until her death from cancer in 2018.  During her illness, he served as a wonderful example of caring for her “in sickness and in health.”  He has used the occasion to develop valuable lessons on how Christians deal with pain and suffering in this world.

In his spare time, brother Scott is an avid Kentucky Wildcats fan and also enjoys singing barbershop.  You will enjoy his heartfelt and sincere manner during this year’s Southside Lectures.