Gerry Sandusky

Gerry Sandusky

Gerry (pronounced “Gary”) Sandusky was a visitor for the very first Southside Lectures in 1980.  He and his father rode from Indiana on Gerry’s motorcycle.  He has been a frequent participant on our program, and we are pleased to welcome him back for the 40th edition.

Brother Sandusky was born in Louisville, Kentucky and was an all-state quarterback at duPont Manual High School.  From 1969-1972, he served in the Army and was put in charge of a burial detail during the Vietnam War.  While listening to a variety of preachers several times a day, he began to realize that he needed God in his life.  Thus began his journey to finding the truth and the Lord’s church.

In 1976, Gerry decided to devote his life to preaching the gospel of Christ.  He still labors where he began his local work: at the North Madison church in Madison, Indiana.  He also serves as one of the elders there.  His love of God’s word has inspired him to travel to many countries to teach and preach, including three weeks in Ethiopia earlier this year.

Gerry has been married to his high school sweetheart, Diane, for nearly 50 years.  This union has produced three sons: John (Kirin), Scott (Karol), and Matt.  They have also been blessed with 10 grandchildren.

Gerry Sandusky has a passion for God and for God's people.  His effective style of preaching will help us to come to know Jesus this week.